Plug into the Millennia knowledge base

Our team of experts are at hand to help you achieve a clear path to the cloud, no matter where you are on that journey.

Millennia has many years of experience within its team from requirement analysis, project management, system development, installation and support, technical design, networking, and security.  The support team has expertise in the Microsoft Stack and Linux.  SQL Server, VMware and Nutanix are very much core to the team.

Our services are designed to support you through your IT transformation and journey to the Cloud.  Use our knowledge to ensure that you get a solution that meets your current needs but allows you the scalability to grow, working for you rather than against you whilst within your budget.

Let us look at what your systems currently do and ensure that you move to a robust but not overly specified system that ensures you get the optimum performance.

Where your preferred choice is Nutanix, engage with our experts to give you the assurance that you move to the correct Nutanix configuration to get the most from your applications and thus improve your efficiencies.

Many businesses do not have a full-time Chief Technology Officer (CTO) whose primary role is to focus on scientific and technological issues within an organisation.  Millennia offers a virtual CTO service to provide such businesses with our knowledge of leading-edge technologies and apply that knowledge to the business in question to ensure that you can approach the right vendors to help you on your IT transformation.

If you are struggling with a project and need the advice of a Project Manager, then call us and we will help get you back on track.

Consultancy is available for any Nutanix or SQL Server issue.  This may be the design of your Nutanix system or its full installation or it may be that you need our SQL Server DBA service.

Refer to our Managed Services page for details of our security services.  Millennia is partnered with DDI and offers vulnerability scanning services which can check your systems for new software vulnerabilities.

Millennia professional services are available for each step of your journey on a one off or monthly basis at a daily rate.

Call us and unlock our technical knowledge.

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Project Management

Talk to Millennia if you need help in putting together your business case to help ensure the justification for your project.  We can help you put together the plan and work with you through each project stage or contact us if you need short term help during a critical milestone in your project.  From requirement gathering through to lessons learned from a complete project, we can offer our help and expertise.

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Nutanix expertise

Utilise our expertise in Nutanix to help you with your Nutanix purchase, design, installation or enhancement.  Millennia was the first MSP in the UK to install Nutanix in January 2014 so our knowledge of the system is extensive and related to real world usage.

Speak to us if you want to ensure the best optimisation of your Nutanix system. Let us help you fine tune it so you get the optimum performance. Get our help on an ad hoc or a monthly basis – you decide.

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SQL Server Consultancy

Management of SQL Server databases including configuration & maintenance of database servers and processes, automation of regular processes, query tuning and schema refinement.

System health checks to ensure high levels of performance, availability, sustainability and security for SQL database servers.

Outsourced support for SQL server.

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The Virtual CTO

Engage our virtual CTO and benefit from our diversity of experience of IT technology.  Get tips on the best leading-edge products gained from our experience and testing of such products over the years.  Let us help you solve the problem in a ever increasing phethora of software suppliers.

Contact us to discuss.

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Security checks

Vulnerability & web application scanning to check your systems for new software vulnerabilities.

Ensure maximum security compliance for your systems through system configuration comparison with CIS Security Standards from vulnerability assessment reports.  We can help you lock down any vulnerabilities.

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VMware Professional Services

Leverage VMware skills from a VMware trusted partner.  Utilise our VMware skills to set up your virtualised environment, check and fine tune your systems or migrate to the latest version of VMware technology.

Call us to get help from a trusted VMware partner.