Managed Services

Enhanced Managed Service options are available for customers who wish to consume our next generation cloud services on a month to month basis, backed with the security and expertise the Millennia support experience brings.

By leveraging our Enhanced Managed Service options, Millennia can deliver a complete hosting service whilst optimising costs and delivering predictability to IT budgets, all at a fixed monthly price.

Millennia prides itself on it’s ability to quickly resolve incidents whilst providing customers with continual updates on any issue.  Any incident that does occur is often resolved before customers are aware.

Your IT team can concentrate on your applications and their innovation in the knowledge that Millennia is concentrating on the infrastructure.

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Service Monitoring

Millennia support can take over monitoring of your system and either report issues back to you, or take action to resolve those issues to maintain the service.

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Virtual Machine Patching

Millennia can perform patch management for Windows / Linux VMs as required on either a monthly or quarterly basis. This service blends well with our vulnerability scanning.

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SQL Server Patching

Installation of SQL Server service packs and cumulative updates as per industry recommendations. Also complimented by our vulnerability scanning.

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SQL Server DBA

Review of configuration issues; performance and health monitoring; replication; monitoring of alerts from SQL Servers; clustering.

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Log Monitoring

Setting up and maintaining continual log monitoring system, to allow for forensic investigations across a platform in the event of a security issue.

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Email Delivery

Routing outgoing mail through mail cluster; deliverability monitoring and analysis;  fixing email delivery problems; DKIM signing of outgoing mail if required.

Security Services

Effective security starts with eliminating attack vectors. Unfortunately, this often remains an incomplete, inaccurate, and expensive journey for today’s security teams.

Millennia has partnered with Digital Defense Incorporated (DDI), a top 10 SaaS Security provider and Forrest Wave Strong Performer, to change the game of finding and closing the vulnerabilities that matter with the greatest accuracy and simplicity in the industry.

Millennia is the first MSP in Europe to offer DDI security services, and offers a range of services both to our hosted clients and to external organisations who wish to utilise our services to secure their own networks on premise, and even in other clouds.

Because our Cloud services reside within the EEA then all your scanning results will remain GDPR compliant, no data will be sent to the US.

Let Millennia help you meet all your GDPR obligations and ensure that your data is secure.

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Vulnerability Scanning

New software vulnerabilities are discovered every day and you need to find and address them in order to protect your data. Revealing vulnerabilities resident on your network, Vulnerability Scanning, is a cornerstone element of any information security programme.

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Web Application Scanning

As web applications play increasingly important roles in business, the importance of identifying weak spots in their security grows. Web application scanning gives you the awareness you need to offer these with confidence.

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CIS Compliance Reporting

For those requiring maximum security compliance: comparison of server configurations to CIS Security Standards from the vulnerability assessment reports, and development of polices to further lock down security configurations.

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Penetration testing

Performed by certified Security Analysts utilising proven penetration testing methodologies and best practices. Efficiently determines if a potential vulnerability is exploitable and could lead to the compromise of your sensitive data.

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Security Training

It’s hard to survive our information technology saturated world without training. Security Education provides the necessary tools to navigate a complex and sometimes dangerous modern technology landscape.

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Web Penetration Testing

To really ensure your web application is bulletproof, utilise our web application penetration testing services. Our highly skilled analysts will test for a variety of weakness often not discovered without a critical eye for detail.

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PCI Compliance Scanning

Achieve and maintain PCI compliance by scanning internet facing networks to quickly identify and remediate critical vulnerabilities with an Approved Scanning Vendor.

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Social Engineering

It’s not enough to secure your organisation from network vulnerabilities. Attackers can exploit a variety of vectors, even non-computer vectors. Social engineering allows you to assess human weaknesses in your organisation.

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Threat Scanning

Threat actors, malware, persistence, ensure that you are able to identify threats on your network and identify gaps in coverage that endpoint and antivirus solutions are blind to.

Professional Services

Millennia professional services are available for customers who require our expertise on a consultancy basis either as a one off exercise or on a regular basis.

Consultancy is available for any Nutanix or SQL Server issue.  For more details see our Professional Services page.