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Millennia was the first cloud provider in the UK to implement Nutanix in early 2014.   Nutanix has recognised Millennia as a Nutanix X-Powered Service Provider giving organisations the confidence in Millennia’s ability to provide the highest quality of management service for their platform.  Millennia is the only X-Powered Service Provider in the UK.

Utilisation of the Millennia Nutanix as a Service (NaaS) allows organisations to outsource the management and support of their existing Nutanix installations whether co-located or on premise.

NaaS includes the provision of helpdesk and support for Nutanix including maintenance, upgrades, expansions, node replacement, and migrations.

Professional services are available for design and implementation of Nutanix on-premise or installations into a co-located environment in one of our data centres.

Organisations with Nutanix installations who require either off-site backups and/or Disaster Recovery can connect their Nutanix to the Millennia Cloud which is founded on Nutanix. Get an off-site backup and/or DR without the capital expense of procuring it yourself.

A multi-cloud solution through a single user interface gives NaaS users the ability to burst into the public cloud with a choice of public clouds, e.g. AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. The user has control and decides best location for all data through one-click.

Optional advanced support is available for those customers who require additional monitoring and support for other packages, such as email and SQL Server.

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Enable the multi-cloud

Incorporate public cloud into your cloud mix and develop multi-cloud strategy.  Burst into the public clouds.  Scale to any size according to requirements. One solution.  Any application. Any scale.

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Outsource your Nutanix

Outsourced 24×7 support from the UK’s only Nutanix X-Powered Service Provider.  Expert Consultancy from the UK’s first Nutanix implementors.  Get maximum performance from your Nutanix and reduce downtime by utilising Nutanix experts

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Reduce your support costs

Predictable costs as NaaS provided through a fixed monthly fee.  Reduces costs of Nutanix training overhead and certification for your IT team.  Reduces costs of Disaster Recovery.

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Experienced support

Ongoing monitoring and support of Nutanix and VMs. Capacity planning, IFTTT-like functionality and anomaly detection.

Fully managed Nutanix deployment by engineers with over 6 years experience of the Nutanix platform.

One stop shop for maintenance, upgrades, expansions, node replacement and migrations.  Expertise from Millennia relieving your IT support of the burden of managing your Nutanix installation.

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Utilise Millennia Cloud for your DR.  Pay monthly avoiding capital and second site expenses:

  • Replication of the backup set to another site; or
  • Remote replication of the entire VM for instant recovery either by Veeam VM replication or Nutanix snapshot replication to the Millennia Cloud; or
  • Synchronous pairing of two sites (your on premise Nutanix and a duplicate configuration in the Millennia Private Cloud) allowing the service to failover with near zero impact
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Backup as a Service (BaaS) off site to the Millennia Cloud either using Veeam Backup & Recovery or native Nutanix snapshots.

Retention periods dictated by customer.

All backups are encrypted in transit and on destination server.

BaaS provides high protection from risk of data loss.

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