One-click multi-cloud giving platform choice & flexibility



Millennia offers a multi-cloud package to provide you with a choice of your own private managed cloud with Millennia as well as the ability to burst to public clouds, for example, AWS, Azure and Google Cloud, through one simplified interface.

Users can harness the innovation of multiple public clouds whilst utilising the innovative private Millennia Cloud which uses leading edge software.

Millennia multi-cloud puts control into the hands of the user by allowing easy selection and optimisation of clouds through one-click.  The user decides on the best location for all data depending on what is appropriate for the data concerned.  The user has control.

Multi-cloud gives users the ability to flex and scale into the public cloud where demand necessitates.  The choice of multiple clouds provides future-proofing to accommodate other planned enhancements as and when necessary.

A simple user interface sits on the Millennia Cloud to allow customers to build workloads into hybrid clouds without the necessary knowledge needed to use the public platform.

The interface allows customers to deploy templates, plan application developments by using blueprints and then scale into the public cloud.

The application provides automated self-service with role-based access control through a single-pane-of-glass removing the need to jump between portals.

Overall utilisation and true costs of the public cloud consumption can be displayed to provide the user with confidence in their deployment decisions.


Enable Cloud First Policy


The Government’s Cloud First Policy was launched in 2013 and is still seen as a flagship technology policy but one size does not fit all solutions.  Many government organisations and businesses are now developing a hybrid, multi-cloud strategy.  Early implementations of the Cloud First strategy still have many legacy applications hosted on-premise and those applications in the public cloud are separate and the IT estate is uncoordinated.

Opting for a pure public cloud solution is difficult to budget as full costs are not always apparent until commitment has been made and customers ought to weigh up the large providers.  Once one is selected it is often very difficult to switch to another supplier.  Per-minute pricing can be very complicated for accounts departments to work out value for money and forecast budgets.

Organisations are now looking at multi-cloud solutions to provide elasticity and resilience as all cloud platforms allow greater scalability than on-premise installations.  More organisations are adopting a Cloud First but multi-cloud policy rather than on-premise.

The Millennia hybrid offering aims to provide both a private fully supported and managed cloud for those applications that need greater security and control, whilst giving the user the ability to use public clouds through one-click; one single pane of glass.  Cloud discovery and orchestration tools give users a choice of cloud platforms.

The ability to use the public cloud through Millennia’s multi-cloud offering, should allow public sector organisations to deploy Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and artificial intelligence (AI) as part of any smart city initiatives.


Millennia Multi-cloud for your IT transformation