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The utilisation of the cloud enables the sharing of resources across geographical regions and promotes innovation.

Organisations are moving towards Smarter Working,  the technology component of which is to enable a digital workplace that is mobile and accessible, enabling collaboration, document sharing and communication.

Remote working solutions were rapidly implemented because of Covid, initially thought to be temporary, but now working from home principles are included into long term IT strategy.

There is a need to implement more tailored and secure solutions that allow users to access their applications from any device, anywhere but through a more robust way both technically and contractually.

Hybrid cloud along with hybrid working is forecast to become the norm.  Data, and the workforce accessing that data, will not be in one location.  Data will be held in private or public clouds depending on its sensitivity/confidentially and users will need access to it through a seamless interface from any location.

Traditional desktops and laptops are costly, not easy to manage and pose security challenges.    The management and support of a large number of desktop and laptop workstations with locally installed software is time consuming and expensive. Bring your own device (BYOD) policies, popular over recent years, introduced many compatibility problems for support teams.

Security is also a concern.  In 2018 alone, there were multiple reports of data breaches from laptops that were stolen or lost. According to a Forbes article, “Nearly 41% of all data breach events from 2005 through 2015 were caused by lost devices.”

Organisations are increasingly turning to Desktop as a Service (DaaS) solutions to satisfy digital workspace needs.  DaaS is provided by a third-party provider and eliminates the need to own and manage infrastructure.

DaaS allows control of the desktop through the cloud

  • User applications no longer installed and run on each device
  • Company data remains protected in your choice of location
  • Where a physical device fails, the virtual desktop doesn’t fail
  • Greater security
  • Laptop/device re-deployment easier as standardised
  • As existing laptops expire, organisations replace them with ‘thin clients’ or chromebooks that are cheap, simple and easy to maintain
  • Remote patching leveraged via the cloud
  • Enables shared services and interoperability

The Millennia DaaS provides a standardised, secure desktop which can be accessed from any device anywhere.

DaaS via Millennia benefits:


Greater flexibility users work from anywhere, on any device and collaborate more easily with co-workers, partners and suppliers.

Simplify VDI integration and delivery as easy to add new services to the digital workspace whenever and wherever needed.  Eliminates the need for VDI infrastructure deployment and management.  Easily integrates with Google Shelf, Office 365 Application Launcher or any other HTML5 interface

Bring your own Device can be enabled as all the data is held in the cloud and safely isolated from the users device

Consume the cloud through DaaS without having to learn new technology terminologies.  Millennia multi cloud means that users are not locked into one public cloud provider

Simplify scaling through immediate desktop provision and release allowing for ease of scaling up and down for special projects and temporary workers.  Acceleration of onboarding new employees

Greater performance through Nutanix optimisation even over low bandwidth, high-latency networks.  A variety of performance options, including GPU and multi-GPU sessions, give users the performance they need

Compatible with any device – laptops, PCs, tablet, notebooks or smartphone

Increase control and security of your environment through quick and easy installation/removal of applications and data at a granular level.  Control access to data and prevent employees making local data copies or write data to insecure devices.  Gain greater visibility into the configuration and operation of your environment.  Client sessions are always returned to approved state on termination

Risk mitigation from data loss through accidental loss or theft of laptops and devices.  With no local data on devices, this risk is mitigated

Disaster Recovery through quick provision of secondary workspaces if a disaster strikes

Relieves your IT team as outsourcing the desktop provision allows your IT team to focus attention on core applications and systems

Pay as you go and only pay for what you use.  Reduces capital costs.  Increases cost control

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Enable BYOD

End users can Bring their Own Device (BYOD) to get access anywhere, from any browser

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Simplify App Management

Reduce operational complexity and simpify administration

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Improve Data Security

Eliminate risks by using role-based access control and decoupling locally stored data

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No hidden costs

Consume DaaS infrastructure for a fixed monthly cost or pay as you grow.  Millennia Cloud allows you to deliver high performance digital workspaces on demand, with usage measured in minutes and hours rather than days, months or years

Use OPEX rather than CAPEX for your desktop solution

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Powering the Digital Workspace

Complement existing VDI deployments or provide an alternative to VDI through DaaS – fast and flexible to deploy giving organisations application agility


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Nutanix is industry-leader in DaaS

Nutanix provides a browser-based virtual desktops and applications as a service – with none of the hassle.  All apps run in any HTML5-capable browser so there is no proprietary software to install.  Any device capable of running a supported web browser can be used for remote working – Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge and others

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Performance without compromise

Max performance across networks for all types using adaptive quality of service and adaptive codecs.  Pragmatic balance between image quality and bandwidth.  All network settings tuneable.  Some DaaS solutions have multiple users sharing a VM.  Nutanix allows one VM per user eliminating the ‘noisy neighbour’ effecting performance

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Public Sector solution for working from home

Fully managed, robust solution to the working from home problem posed by Covid.  Millennia DaaS provides a modern, secure solution ensuring public sector data is protected and not installed on home workers devices

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Secure access

All communication through end user’s browser and the Millennia Cloud is encrypted with TLS and 2048-bit public key certificates

User log in via two-factor authentication

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Data Centre Accreditation

All data centres are accredited to ISO 9001:2015; ISO 27001:2013; ISO 22301; ISO 27032; PCI DSS and Cyber Essentials

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UK Data Centres

Millennia only uses data centres in the UK so you are assured that your data will not be held globally

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GDPR compliant

Millennia is compliant with both DPA and GDPR requirements

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