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The tailored solution

Only pay for what you use

Businesses have a ‘Cloud First’ IT strategy and want contract flexibility but are now migrating from ‘big’ cloud providers as costs are difficult to forecast.

Millennia gives you a simplified and predictable monthly pricing model – with no surprise extras.  Built to exact resource requirements with no fixed T-shirt sizes (on public cloud, if you are too big for a small you are forced into the cost of a medium).  We give you granular growth with tailored solutions.

App resiliency rests with you on public clouds whereas Millennia provides resiliency at the platform level giving you immediate protection.  Public cloud proprietary infrastructure also means your IT team must train and obtain numerous different certifications.

Migrate your apps and integrate your services onto our leading-edge platform to give your team better control, security and resiliency with the ability to scale on the fly to meet increasing demand.

Enjoy a personalised managed service and cloud in one contract for the Independent Software Vendor who uses the Microsoft stack. Get a solution not just a platform.  The best of all worlds.

Millennia Cloud was the first cloud in the UK to be powered by Nutanix (used by the worlds most advanced data centres).  Millennia is one of only a few Nutanix X Powered Service Providers in Europe and is trusted to host the ticketing software for Premier Football Clubs, theatres and major tourist attractions enabling in excess of 25 million ticket sales per annum.  Chances are you will have bought a ticket from one of our customers, via our platform.

Centralise your Software as a Service and concentrate on delivering services that drive your revenue whilst knowing we are always on hand.  You deserve the best solution and we are in IT for you!


Millennia Managed Services

An extension of your IT Department

The data centre becomes invisible

Relieve your IT team of the daily running of your infrastructure.  Let them concentrate on service delivery and improvement of your product.

Millennia’s integrated managed services effectively allow you to outsource some of your IT Department whilst still having full control over every aspect of your systems through a control panel.

Our reliable, personable, agile and proactive support provides high levels of customer satisfaction through system monitoring and regular maintenance of your IT infrastructure. Always on hand when needed, often solving problems before you notice.

We provide support services for Microsoft stack including DBA. We can do all your SQL maintenance, backups, hardware and software refreshes and server patching.

Working with the leading next generation cloud software providers, Millennia allows you to have the best in class software without the burden of its management.

Concentrate on the innovation of your applications.  Get our help to improve your software performance.

We treat your systems like our own as we are in IT for you!

Millennia: an extension of your IT Department, making the data centre become invisible.


What can Millennia do for you?

Provide you with a Solution not just a platform.

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Millennia Cloud : The UK’s first Nutanix Powered Cloud

Any application at any scale.  Enjoy the agility & simplicity of Nutanix and enable the journey to true multi-cloud.

The Enterprise benefits of Nutanix without the overhead of doing it yourself.

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Reliable Availability

Keep your customers happy with reliable uptime – No single point of failure & self-healing infrastructure.

Ensure those critical services keep running keeping you ahead of your competition.

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Secure, Resilient & in the UK

Security & fault tolerance built into each layer. All our data centres are in the UK – compliant with GDPR. Managed security services also available – vulnerability scanning, etc.

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No ‘T-shirt’ sized VMs

Many cloud providers offer VMs as t-shirt sizes; extra small, small, medium, large, and extra-large.  This limits memory, number processors and hard disk size and expansion is in whole sizes, meaning you pay more before you need it all.

We don’t do that – Millennia builds VMs to exact resource requirements that are not fixed allowing for granular growth.

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Allows you to Innovate

Your IT team can concentrate on product innovation and quality of your software both of which should give high satisfaction for your customers and give your business market lead.

The ability to innovate rather than worry about the infrastructure will greater utilise the skills of your IT team and ensure a higher revenue stream for your product.

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Disaster Recovery as a Service

Competitive DRaaS for organisations using VMware vSphere / Microsoft Hyper-V.

Or if you already have Nutanix on premise and cannot afford any lengthy downtime and need Disaster Recovery then utilise Millennia Cloud for your DR and pay monthly avoiding capital and second site expenses.

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Flexible Pricing Models

No hidden costs. No surprises. Fixed contracts or pay as you grow. Known costs.

No initial capex outlay. Scale up as well as down as markets demand.  Only pay for what you use – no more.

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User control without the internal IT overhead

User control through a GUI.

Millennia makes the Data Centre invisible – forget about the infrastructure – trust Millennia, the Nutanix experts as we trust Nutanix, the best of its type.

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We treat your systems like our own

Reliable, personable, agile and proactive support from Millennia, experts in the Microsoft Stack including SQL DBA, VMWare & Nutanix  – always available 24x7x365 and here to help.
We are in IT for you!

Satisfied customers

Millennia: high customer satisfaction for a fair price.

Typical customers of the Millennia Cloud are Independent Software Vendors and Analytics organisations who want their Software as a Service to be centralised in the cloud but who still want control.

Benefits: high availability, no more upgrades undertaken at your customer sites, IT support teams no longer need to understand and train in infrastructure, and quick & easy upgrades to your software.   All these benefits mean you have happier customers and your IT team can concentrate on innovation.

Satisfied customers have remained with us for many years and have recommended us to others, allowing us to have a strong presence in the ticketing, theatre, leisure and marketing verticals; from just a part of an organisation’s online presence to hosting their entire IT infrastructure. Customers are seen more as partners. Millennia often works in harmony with customers on projects and expansions ensuring efficient use of technology thus keeping prices competitive.

SeatGeek Enterprise UKPurple SevenPatronBase
SeatGeek Enterprise (formerly Toptix) partnered with Millennia in 2011 to bring SRO to the UK Arts, Visitor Attraction and Sports markets. Our close working relationship with Millennia has allowed SeatGeek Enterprise to constantly monitor and grow our hosting environment from inception, to the current platform comprising a comprehensive back-up / DR solution which hosts Government Departments, Local Authorities and top flight sports clubs. Millennia’s personal touch, together with attention to detail, has allowed us to intelligently expand the environment whilst being mindful of offering a cost effective hosting solution for SRO customers. Indeed many of our customers are moving away from hosting SRO themselves via their current provider and are moving to our hosted environment on Millennia’s new platform.
SeatGeek Enterprise UK
Managing Director
Millennia has supported Purple Seven since 2002. With security of paramount concern to Purple Seven, Millennia has provided a robust, secure yet flexible and scalable platform to empower our customers to access insights over the web. Almost anyone can provide hosted server solutions, but very few are able to provide the levels of service that (should) go hand in hand with delivering hosted platforms. The service from Millennia is first class and is, in my opinion, the key differentiator from other major platform providers.
Purple Seven
Managing Director
In our expanding business we needed a responsive, flexible and secure solution for our server hosting so our customers could be reassured of quality and reliability. Millennia has been able to meet our requirements and provide an excellent ongoing service maintaining a 99.97% uptime in the past 12 months with responsive support to help with our queries and requirements.
Managing Director

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